About me

Donny On TV Headshot.jpg

My goals are simple: Be kind, celebrate others' success, and be known for my versatility and ability to perform in any environment.

I've worked relentlessly to be able to call or host any kind of sporting event, on any medium or format. And I've made it a point to have great relationships with those I meet along the way.

Currently, I call play-by-play for six different sports in Omaha (baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, hockey, and volleyball). I also perform on-camera hosting for multiple entities.

I'm a member of the broadcast team for the Omaha Storm Chasers (the Kansas City Royals' Triple-A affiliate). I also work with the University of Nebraska-OmahaCreighton University, MidcoSports Network, Cox/Yurview, and the Big East Digital Network on various television, radio, and TV-style internet streaming sporting events. 

I've called over 90 Major League Spring Training games for the Oakland A's, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Texas Rangers. I've been Oakland's solo Spring Training play-by-play voice since 2014.

Before moving to Omaha in 2016, I was the Director of Broadcasting and Media for the Visalia Rawhide (the Arizona Diamondbacks' Single-A affiliate in the California League). I called hockey games for the Fresno Monsters of the WSHL, and filled in on various sporting events (including men's basketball) for Fresno State.

I was fortunate to be named Minor League Broadcaster of the Year by Ballpark Digest in 2012, and it was an honor to be featured in the New York Times in 2018.

Late in the 2018 season, the Oakland A's were kind enough to invite me to call my first regular season Major League Baseball game. It was an incredible experience.

In addition to my year-round broadcasting, I run my own voiceover business, recording multiple commercials, explainer videos, phone greetings, corporate training, e-Learning, and other projects for companies such as WebMD, Puma, Denny'sLegalZoom, and TaxAct.

When I'm not calling a game or recording a voiceover order, I love cooking (decently), reading (constantly), working out (imperfectly), listening to podcasts (compulsively), and playing guitar (badly). My favorite foods include sushi & seafood, Chipotle, and anything with maple syrup on it (although I wouldn't put it on Chipotle). My reading interests often involve history, health and nutrition, Christian philosophy, narrative journalism, and whatever sports stories Twitter brings me.

Broadcasting has taken me to so many places I never thought I'd go, and I'm grateful for the opportunities I've already had. I love describing, punctuating, and analyzing each moment and game, and I love the friendships I've made around the country through this business.