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When I joined Visalia's minor league organization for my first professional job, I realized that no one had documented the franchise's rich, colorful, seven-decade past. As a History graduate and enthusiast, I set out to correct that. Over the following years, I worked to collect dozens of pictures, artifacts, and stories, which resulted first in a blog, and, finally, a book.

Goshen & Giddings: 65 Years of Visalia Professional Baseball was the culmination of those years of collection, research, and writing, and chronicles the small Central Valley California town's proud baseball heritage. You'll read about the mercurial Irish immigrant-magnate who started Visalia's first organized team in 1879, how their 1978 squad was one of the best in Minor League history, and how one of their early managers went on to become Elvis Presley's personal stylist (seriously).

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