What others are saying about Donny...

"Donny is a rising talent who has a terrific future in this business. In our search for a broadcaster, Donny came out of nowhere and was impressive in every way as he advanced to our very small group of finalists. I'm very confident we'll be seeing him on the Major League level soon."
-Tyler Barnes
Vice President of Communications, Milwaukee Brewers

"A star in the making in our profession...more than qualified right now to join a major league broadcast crew and make it better."
-Jerry Howarth
Radio Voice of the Toronto Blue Jays

"If you enjoy baseball on the radio the way it was designed to be, you'll enjoy Donny's work."
-Ryan Lefebvre
Radio/Television Broadcaster, Kansas City Royals

"Hire Donny Baarns so you'll be able to say 'One of our announcers went to the Big Leagues.' He's that good."
-Ken Levine
Radio Broadcaster, Seattle Mariners

"It takes a lot to stand out from the talented crowd...[but] Donny is our choice for Broadcaster of the Year." (Link)
-Kevin Reichard
Editor, Ballpark Digest

"Of the many people I have had the privilege to advise, Donny Baarns is one of the best prospects for higher-level broadcasting jobs I have heard...His broadcasts reveal how much he knows about the game and the people in it, past and present. His descriptions of exciting plays and ability to maintain an enthusiasm, even in bad games, is a true test of a good announcer, and he passes with high grades."
-Monte Moore
Former Voice of the Oakland A's

“Donny is one of the finest young broadcasters in professional baseball. As with all of us in Minor League Baseball, Donny wears a lot of hats - a self-taught sales executive, one of the best we've ever had; does an excellent job representing the ballclub as the primary public relations spokesperson at presentations throuighout the community; and he has diligently researched and compiled the history of the 65-year old franchise.

Donny does whatever is asked of him, and makes sure everything is done to meet his own high standards. He's as dedicated and focused a young employee as we've had in 20 years in the business. There's no doubt he will be a Major League broadcaster some day, and will continue to excel for us and other organizations he works for along the way.”
-Tom Seidler
President & General Manager, Visalia Rawhide
"A wonderful new broadcasting talent...Donny's knowledge, enthusiasm, and love for the game is infectious."
-Tom Mee
Television Director, St. Louis Cardinals

"Donny is a true up-and-coming talent. He has a genuine passion for broadcasting and backs that up with a tireless work ethic. Donny would be a great asset to anyone."
-Sam Gore
Play-by-Play Broadcaster, ESPN

 "Donny is clearly driven, but not just to advance in broadcasting...he cares about doing the best job he can for his listeners, his team, and his community. He's not someone who settles for mediocrity. His future in our business is very promising."
-Paul Loeffler
Voice of the Fresno State Bulldogs
(Football, Men's Basketball, Baseball)

"Donny Baarns, the voice of the California League's Visalia Rawhide, has established himself as one of the best young broadcasters in the Minor Leagues." (Link)
-Benjamin Hill